We are about persueing ALL things great. The Rareform is about giving back to our COMMUNITY. We are a RESOURCE, not a competitor. The Rareform is Portland in December and MEMPHIS in February. It’s about not hanging the bike up in the winter, but facing the elements and PUSHING forward. It’s for the LOVE of cycling. We are The Rare Form.


Cadence just released their Holiday 09 Collection.   Cadence continues to produce a deeper collection every season. And staying true to it’s roots of doing it themselves. Here are a few of my favorites from their Holiday 09 Collection. Don’t forget to check out their Exhibition’s. An art piece is always a great gift to give or maybe something...
Undefeated x NSW Air Force 1 Supreme Low "Livestrong"

Undefeated x NSW Air Force 1 Supreme Low “Livestrong”

The newest shoe to the Livestrong Collection. Designed by Eddie Cruz of Undefeated. You can check out the rest of the Livestrong line as well as Undefeateds inhouse line here.
carhartt 24" bmx cruiser

carhartt 24″ bmx cruiser

  The latest Carhartt Cruiser made together with WethePeople is the perfect complement for every bmx riders collection. The cruiser is available at every Carhartt Store where you can also get all the other bmx components. Sucks for everyone in America…